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Whereas Calgary Premier Companions is the "Agent" and the Escorts are known as the "Principles" and all others are known as the "Third Party" or “Third Parties”, and this arrangement constitutes an agency relationship. 

Whereas the users of this site understand the relationship between the parties, and the "Third Parties" and the “Principles” understand that by entering this site, without exemption, that the Acceptable Use Policy applies to all "Third Parties" and “Principles” as presented by the "Agent" and therefore agree that;


Section 1

In consideration of the "Agent" who shall not be legally liable for the actions of the "Principles", and / or any "Third Parties", let it be known that

while using this site all “Third Parties” agree to our terms and conditions, as stated, and agree that you are a "Third Party" and the Acceptable Use Policy stands without exemption or waiver, and,


as a "Third Party" Domestic and International Law applies, while agreeing to the terms and conditions, and shall apply automatically once the “Enter” button is clicked or engaged on the landing page. 


Section 2

For the protection of minors, this site is restricted, and minors are part of this acceptable use policy, and you have legally confirmed, by entering this site that;

i.  the "Third Party" is age of majority, and age of majority is deemed under Canadian jurisdiction to be 18 years of age or older, 

ii. that "Third Parties" agree to this Acceptable Use Policy, and Legal Disclaimer, and     

iii. the "Agent" is not responsible for any "Third Party" action, where a "Third Party" falsely misrepresenting their age, identity, or intent.

Section 3

Whereas; any breech of the law as set out by Canada, or any other jurisdiction with respect to personal information, identity, age, actions, or any false or misleading information from any "Third Parties" from a “Third Party” to the “Agent” and “Principles” shall;


i.   constitute a waiver of liability with respect to the "Agent" as notice is given,

ii.  that the "Third Party" has not acted in accordance with the “Agents” policy,

iii. that the "Third Party" is in breech of the "Agents" Acceptable Use Policy, and has breeched Domestic and International Law, and

iv. that the "Agent" and “Principles” have to the best of their ability provided safe guards to protect minors, and respect law


Section 2

Whereas; you agree, as a “Third Party” that the contents of this web site are the sole property of the "Agent" and constitutes "Confidential Materials" and is understood by the "Third Party" that any reproduction, distribution; including images, data, technical data, written, verbal, and all content is the sole property of the "Agent" unless


i.  advanced written permission is obtained, and granted from the "Agent" signator,

ii. that misuse, or abuse by any “Third Party” of any content presented on this site, shall constitute a breech of the “Agents” property, and the “Agent” reserved the right to obtain legal council, and use all means to the fullest extent of the law, to address the  breech or misuse of this site.


The "Agent" with accordance with Canadian, international, and domestic law publishes site content under "All Rights Reserved" 



For Questions, a copy of this Legal Disclaimer & Acceptable Use Policy, Clarification, or advanced written permission, please contact the "Agent" at

Call: 403.455.6341 🎀  Text: 403.483.1665



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